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Roger & JP Present: Long Island’s Hottest Bartender – Round One
Entry Name:  Stoli from Savino’s
Entry Name:  Kristen from Barracks
Entry Name:  Kathryn from Birchwood Tap Room
Entry Name:  Dominique from The Local Ale House
Entry Name:  Antoinette from Changing Times
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Roger & JP Hottest Bartender - Round 1

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Got The Tax Day Blues? Then You Might As Well Listen To Some.

There aren't too many blues songs written about having to pay your taxes. But The Beatles had a tax song that the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan turned into a blues tune.


What Is Part Of The Confusion With The AC/DC Announcement?

So there are rimors flying all over about AC/DC suggesting this is the end for the band. Some people are saying the band will hold a press conference today Tuesday 4-15-14.


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